South West Electrolysers is a U.K. based manufacturer of water electrolysis equipment for the production of Hydrogen.

In the current situation of global warming and rapidly diminishing fossil fuel stocks, there is an imperative to develop and prove alternative energy systems employing carbon-neutral technologies from renewable sources. Wind power, photovoltaic, wave and hydropower combined, have the potential to satisfy our total energy requirement. However all of these are intermittent, who knows when the wind will blow, or the sun shine? Which creates problems managing the energy supply to match demand.

Intermittent renewable energy supplies converted to hydrogen create energy stores. The hydrogen provides a very flexible fuel, which can be used in a number of ways. For electrical regeneration in Fuel Cells or conventional generators, as a transport fuel for vehicles, with either internal combustion engines or fuel cells as motive power or as direct heating / air conditioning. Whole energy systems using renewable energy supplies in conjunction with electrolysers for hydrogen production, can give reliable energy for all our needs.

South West Electrolysers is dedicated to this vision of the future and can supply a range of products and services tailor made to suit the needs of everyone, from laboratory scale equipment for research and development up to containerised systems for electricity regeneration or transport.

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